Real English - ESL
Learn to speak the Real English.

English Classes 

We will teach you how to SPEAK, READ, and WRITE like a native English speaker.
 Focus of the lessons
The main focus of every lesson is SPEAKING. Students will learn in a small group class from teachers that are prepared and trained to teach every student in their individual learning needs. 
Students will learn from trained teachers and books designed not only to teach grammar, but also to teach conversation.
The classes will contain:


We teach you how to SPEAK English NOT only the grammar!
Here are some of the main reasons to join us:
  • We have our own material developed specifically with the focus on teaching our students to SPEAK English and not just learn grammar.
  • Over 10 years of experience with all levels
  • Smaller group sizes allow more student / teacher interaction
  • Extra Curriculum activities that will help you have speaking practice
  • School is located in Las Vegas - NV - U.S.A
  • Friendly and trained teachers
  • Excursions and sightseeing trips with teachers to explore the culture are available.
Our school is here for you to finaly learn to speak English!

The learning experiences at REAL ENGLISH are designed to help our students grow both in and out of the classroom. We are passionate about what we do, and what we do is teach you to speak English, so you can return home and have career oppotunities. 
You will be placed in a class with a small group of students where you will have more time one on one with a trained teacher that will guide you through the path of learning English.

Are you ready to reach your potential?
Join us! 

Come join us in
Las Vegas


When people think of Las Vegas it is normal to only picture a city taken over by casinos and gambling, however Las Vegas is so much more than just casinos and gambling!

Yes you will see casinos here, and even if you do not like to gamble we still suggest to our students that they visit the casinos. Every casino has its own theme, and who would miss the chance to experience so many different places and countries all located next to each other on the same street.

That is right! Do you want to see a little bit of Paris, or feel like you are in New York, or even experience being inside of a Castle or a Pyramid?  Yes we have it all in Las Vegas!

However if that is not something that interests you, we also have many Museums, National Parks, places to go camping, hiking, water parks, shows, many places to go shopping, and wonderful food! 

Life in Las Vegas is cheaper than many other states in the US, so it is not a bad place to come live for a while, and if you still want to experience other states in the US, do not worry California, Utah, and Arizona are really close, only a few hours away. 

Come see us and experience Las Vegas, Elvis Presley's favorite city, while you learn English!